Gergovie Wines
Domaine Jolly Ferriol
Espira d'Agly – Roussillon

Schisty marl & stony clay

Pet' Nat - 2013
Va Nu Pieds - 2013
Syrahre - 2009

Jolly Ferriol

Jean-Luc Chossard and Isabelle Jolly bought Mas Ferriol in Espira d'Agly in 2005 – it had been abandoned for 50 years. The Mas itself was built around 350 years ago and comprises 25 ha in total, although not all planted with vines. After the war various different farmers tended the land but Jean-Luc and Isabelle brought the vines back under the control of the Mas and converted them to organic viticulture. These vines grow on soil that is made up of schist and marl and are buffeted by the regions prevailing wind, the Tramontane, which blows from the Pyrenees.

Having taken over the domaine they set it up to produce wines in the most natural way possible.